21 April 2022

It's been a while since we last updated you on the latest Cirrus changes and there have been quite a few new developments. As always please submit any suggestions for improvement to our ideas portal https://cirrusbackup.ideas.aha.io/, we actively monitor it and will respond to all suggestions submitted.

UI branding updates

We have updated the UI with the new Cirrus brand colours and logos.

Viewing backup sessions

We can now filter backup logs to quickly find logs of a certain status or within a date range.

Backup jobs

For customers with the manage backups option turned on we have reorganised the actions section of the backup jobs and added the option to disable a backup job.

When creating the first backup job we now analyse your environment and may split the backup job into multiple jobs for larger organisations.


We have refined our role bases access control (RBAC) features and you can now control whether users can see backups belonging to other users as well as the organisation’s Teams and SharePoint data. This means you can effectively grant individual users the option to do self service restores by restricting them to their own data only.

Billing Changes

A small change based on feedback is to make it easier to update billing contact with a direct link to the update section in the payment portal.


We were encountering an issue where the server was being overwhelmed by browser windows left open and idle. We now disconnect the session after a 15 minute period of inactivity and pop up an "Are you still there?" message.

We have also fixed an issue when logs of very large backup jobs were not loading.