18 June 2022

We’ve just dropped a significant Cirrus release which we want to tell you about, with the biggest changes being in our licensing model. We now have the option to purchase a fixed number of licenses to give you billing certainty. Please note though:

  • the fixed billing model only backs up those users selected - you will need to manually add new users to the backup
  • to back up SharePoint sites and/or Teams the owners of those sites and teams will need to be included in the backup

Licensing model update

When signing up you can now choose between a fixed number of licenses or entire org backup; for existing customers you can switch between a fixed or variable billing model at any time under the billing settings page.

When you choose fixed you will have the opportunity to add users and M365 groups to the backup.

When adding users we will show you the number of licenses available - we will decrease the number as new users are added.

Other Changes

Editing backups

We have simplified the backups page for those customers that manage their own backups; users can now:

  • add and remove items to backups on one page
  • upload a user list file when editing a job
  • match user list file uploads on email alias


Users now have the option to choose to download a PST file rather than a ZIP when restoring emails.

Restore SharePoint now has significantly more customisability.


You can now hide Cirrus audit details from users by removing the View Cirrus User Activity permission from their role.

You can now create a role from a suggested template, rather than creating from scratch.

If you have any thoughts on new features, please submit them through our Ideas portal: https://cirrusbackup.ideas.aha.io.