Introducing Cirrus Cloud Protect

16 April 2023

We are excited to announce our newest data protection solution, Cirrus Cloud Protect.

Cirrus Cloud Protect is a 100% SaaS backup and recovery solution for cloud environments designed to eliminate the risk of losing critical workload data.

Cirrus Cloud Protect is the latest addition to our suite of data protection solutions. Our flagship solution, Cirrus for Microsoft 365, has helped many businesses simplify their data protection needs. Now, we're bringing the same simplicity to cloud environments with Cirrus Cloud Protect.

Currently built to protect Microsoft Azure (VMs, SQL, Files), Cirrus Cloud Protect will add new features in the coming months and expand to protect other cloud environments in the near future. With Cirrus Cloud Protect, businesses can start backing up their data in minutes and save time with secure automation, while reducing business risk.

“With Cirrus Cloud Protect, businesses can now easily and securely backup and recover their critical workload data within their cloud environments, starting with Azure. The intuitive platform and automation capabilities make it easy for businesses of all sizes to ensure the safety and availability of their data, increasing operational efficiency and minimising business risk,” Chief Technology Officer for CT4, Dan Pearson, said.  

Our mission has always been to make data protection simple, and we're excited to take another step towards that vision with Cirrus Cloud Protect. Stay tuned for more updates on new features and usability enhancements in the coming months.

To learn more about Cirrus Cloud Protect and book a personalised demo, click here.