How does Microsoft’s Shared Responsibility Model affect my Microsoft 365 data?

26 March 2023

Microsoft is responsible for security of the cloud, you are responsible for security in the cloud.

Microsoft’s responsibility

  • Deliver consistent, reliable uptime
    • configure and manage the infrastructure that hosts Microsoft 365
  • Security: protect Microsoft 365 infrastructure from unauthorised access
    • physical security of data centres
    • authentication and identification
    • user and admin controls
  • Short term data loss recovery
    •  recycle bins

Your responsibility

  • Security: protect your data from internal and external threats
    • accidental or deliberate deletion or corruption
    • ransomware
  • Data backup allowing short and long-term data loss recovery
    • recover granular, bulk or point-in-time data
    • restore uncorrupted data
  • Regulatory data retention and compliance

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